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Plan, build and run your digital future to innovate

faster than the competition.


How JKIN Technologies Builds

Business Apps Fast 

Our library carries pre-configured business modules and technology components for almost every industry. It enables us to offer 90% automation to bring it all together. (Traditional app development offers 0% automated process and 100% hand-coding.) 


Strengthen Business Workflows

JKIN Technologies EMS provides organisations with the most secure centrally managed and private service in the market. Secure instant messaging service with unparalleled archiving, centralised control and disaster recovery features.

Truly Cross Platform,

Mobile and Web

Mobile apps that we build are truly enterprise solutions, with a mobile front-end (iOS, Android, and Windows) and a robust web-based administrative backend.


Not sure what Product you need?

Talk to one of our experts by calling +1 (310)-985-5625
or drop us a line. We won’t charge you a cent.

Success Stories

HokuApps helped collaborate over geographic and inter-departmental boundaries for PTI QCS

Rapid Application technology platform enabled Roofing Southwest into a competitive digitalised roofing company.

Get Fresh Perspectives from Industry Sources

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Improving Efficiency with Custom Apps and Workflows

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